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Reunion | Xavier & Aurelie

It had been months since Xavier had seen his beloved math student, Aurelie. During his time in the asylum the events of their relationship running over and over in his mind sending him into a deep spiral of depression.

<p>He had barely spoken to anyone since he had arrived, only one thing on his mind <i>’Where is she?’</i>. His time without her was unbearable, even numbers wouldn’t comfort him anymore as he spiraled downward. </p>

<p>Finally stepping foot out of the doctors office he sighed heavily, his head aching and eyes sore from the breakdown he had just experienced. Xavier dragged his feet as he made his way down the hall, he clutched his container of Meds tightly as he decided to hide back in his room.

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    Aurelie shuddered as his fingers trailed along her back and she bit her lip to hold back a breathless groan. The...
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    He smiled, standing and walking over, gently trailing his fingers over her skin as he reached for the zip. “I always...